Agile Toastmasters

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The Agile Toastmasters club is a Toastmasters Club in Wellington, New Zealand with an interest in “Agile Practices”. The club is formed with the aim of enhancing Agile skills in conjunction with the proven leadership and public speaking education of Toastmasters programme. The club invites you to join hands to form a strong club that help members meet Toastmasters objectives while becoming Agile leaders.


Toastmasters is a worldwide programme where you can improve your leadership and communication skills. This happens in a safe, supportive club environment. Toastmasters is not a formal course in public speaking. There are no instructors or classrooms. Your speeches are not graded, and there are no tests. At Toastmasters, you learn by studying the resources in the manuals provided, practising giving speeches on a variety of topics, and helping one another with constructive feedback. You learn by doing, and by watching your fellow club members. Each speech project is designed to develop your speaking skills, one step at a time.

Why Agile?

Agile practices are widely known to deliver outcomes faster and of higher quality than in strictly regimented practices. Many organisations around us these days pour significant investment into developing Agile skills. Toastmasters provides environment to practice leadership and speaking skills. To become skilled in Aglie practices, it is important to have good leadership and communication skills. "Agile Toastmasters" is a an effective approach to developing Agile capabilities.

Opportunity to Learn Agile

Most members have some experience or interest in Agile. Sharing knowledge among members is a great way to learn.

Often members will select Agile topics for speeches, this is a great way to listen and learn Agile.

As a member you may present on Agile related topics - Teaching helps learning than listening to others.

Toastmasters leadership training requires organising projects. A great opportunity to put Agile in to practice.


We meet on the 1st and the 3rd Monday of every month, excluding the 3rd Monday in December and the 1st Monday in January. The meeting location is the Library of Wellington Girls College; tidy, relaxing value, ideal for a Monday evening gatherings for learning and socialising. There is ample parking, when you enter from the Murphy Street, through the driveway adjoining "The Chippery". The venue can accommodate approximately 30 people and has excellent kitchen and washroom facilities.
Address No. 19, Hobson Crescent, Thorndon.
See directions below.


There will be no fee if you are visiting the club meeting.
Six monthly club fee is $105 paid for the following periods, before:
1 Apr for the period Apr to Sep and
1 Oct for the period Oct to Mar
New members will pay $30 new member fee. If joining mid way of the six month periods the fee is calculated propotionately. All payments must be made to the account below with your name as the reference.

Account Name: Agile Toastmasters
Account Number: 03-0539-0019928-000